LESS IS MORE is a Professional Organizing and Home Staging business 

  • Are you looking to prepare your property for Sale or Rental?

  • Are you looking to reorganize your home or vacation property?

  • Would you like assistance to evaluate, sort and purge? 

  • Are you preparing for a move or just moved in and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Would you like help to create storage solutions?

  • Is your office in need of organization to allow you to focus on productivity?

  • Would you like to get to the end of that to-do list?

LESS IS MORE offers a professional friendly service, work is a pleasure and we are passionate about home styling and the creation of efficient organization.  At all times we are focused on providing a solution that works for you.

LESS IS MORE can help you by assessing, planning and developing an efficient project, tailor-made for you.

The Professional Organizing and Home Staging process:

  • Initial complimentary consultation to establish an action plan

  • A proposal  is developed to outline objectives and methods to achieving your goals

  • Begin work, getting you … on your way to Less Is More!